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Receive Music Suggestions Through Your Instagram Story & More
You can now engage with your friends or others you follow on Instagram in new ways starting today. Ask for music recommendations using question stickers, and chat with the people you follow on Live. Furthermore, you can count down special moments with your friends with new interactive stickers in stories. Connect via Music on Stories: By choosing a song from the Instagram music library, your friends can give you a reply to your question stickers, and you can also share your desired one on your ..
Receive Music Suggestions Through Your Instagram Story & More
The Next Chapter in Instagram’s Brand Story
A global brand platform, Yours to Make, was introduced by Instagram today. Yours to Make allows Instagram users to explore theirself on Instagram. However, identity is not defined for young people as it is trying to be explored constantly, whether about engaging with people who matter to you or finding new things, experimenting with them, and conveying your thoughts. Instagram thinks we can move our communities and the world forward when we have a place to explore who we can be. Additionally, it ..
The Next Chapter In Instagram’s Brand Story
Introducing Instagram Reels
Introducing Instagram reels, a feature of Instagram Application for creating short, entertaining videos. Create reels in the form of short videos to share on Instagram with your mates and others. You can edit your recorded reels using effects, adding audio, and other tools. Moreover, it only lets you create reels with a certain length, from 15 to 90 seconds. Make multiple reels and publish them on your account feed to share with your followers. Through a new space in Explore, you can also share ..
Introducing Instagram Reels
IGTV Now Supports Landscape Videos
It is good to see that the community shared vertical videos on IGTV, from the Baby Ariel Love Triangle series to Jameela Jamil's I Weigh Interview and Rocks Mana and Gratitude series. However, in this first year, we have learned and improved many things. We got suggestions from the viewers and content creators about their interests and things that need to be enhanced. In addition, we have made changes in IGTV due to these suggestions and feedback. It includes our biggest change this year: the creators ..
IGTV Now Supports Landscape Videos
Introducing Instagram stories
Instagram is a popular application widely used worldwide by millions of people. Here, we introduce the Instagram stories feature that lets users post short videos or pictures on their Instagram profiles. However, many people also share their daily routines, so it is the best feature that allows them to share all their moments with their friends or followers. All the shared photos and videos on your stories are shown in slideshow format. You can share limitless stories without worrying about overposting. ..
Introducing Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories Share Your Everyday Moments
We all use Instagram, the most popular application for sharing posts, photos, and videos with friends or followers. Instagram contains a story feature that many people use to share everyday moments through pictures or short videos. Make your stories private or public to get likes or replies, beautify them using drawing tools, etc. Instagram stories are an epic feature that you can utilize to share your captured moments to remember or with your friends or audience. Capture Everything Conveniently: You ..
Instagram Stories Share Your Everyday Moments
Instagram Reels Create, Watch, and Share Short, Entertaining Videos
Instagram Reels is a wonderful feature of the Instagram application that allows users to create, watch, and share short, entertaining videos. You can create up to 60-second-long reels and customize them using stickers, adding text, and much more. Moreover, you can also edit the video by adding filters or audio to express your mood. Instagram also lets its users share others' reels, so if you like someone's reel, you can share it with your friends. Create entertaining short videos and share them with ..
Instagram Reels Create, Watch, And Share Short, Entertaining Videos
INSTAGRAM DMs: Spark conversations with friends in your Instagram DMs
Communicate with your friends by sending messages to their DM using this Instagram feature. It is the easiest way to stay connected with your friends, as you can share your thoughts and discuss new things with just a single tap. Share funny memes and other reels with your friends with direct messages to stay connected with them. The messages will not show in your profile, feed, and search, and you can also adjust settings to delete them once they are seen or you close the chat with somebody. Tap ..
INSTAGRAM DMs: Spark Conversations With Friends In Your Instagram DMs
How to Add Music to Instagram Reels
Reach new people on Instagram by creating short videos. Reels help creators to show their creativity and unique content to their audience and attract others. You can bring your reels or short videos to life by adding different audio genres and your voice-over from the Instagram music library. Make reels awesome by selecting your favorite one from the huge collection and sharing it on your profile to reach a new audience on Instagram. If you do not know how to add music to Instagram reels, follow ..
How To Add Music To Instagram Reels