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Instagram Photo Downloader allows you to download unlimited photos from Instagram in just a few seconds. Suppose you have seen a picture on your friend's post and want to download it. This Instagram Photo Download provides faster and safer downloading.

Instagram photo download is not associated with the Instagram application. We do not save or host any content, as all the content rights belong to their owners. We value privacy, and only the public content is reachable.

How to download images using Instagram Photo Download?

Note: Follow the below steps to download images with Instagram photo download.

Step 1

Open Instagram on your preferred device and then go to the post that has your desired picture to copy its link.

Step 2

After copying its link, visit Instagram photo download and paste it to the toolbar section.

Step 3

Press the download button, and that image will be downloaded to your device.

 Instagram Photo Download Tool:

Thousands of people post photos on Instagram daily and get likes. However, many people want to save their posts; therefore, we have created an Instagram Photo download tool to help you save all your pictures to your computers or other devices. Using this tool is very easy; you can download countless images with it in no time.

The Instagram Photo download tool was created to help people quickly download or save photos from Instagram. You can use it without paying a single penny and safely download limitless posts containing images. Downloading other tools or apps to save Instagram photos is unnecessary. You only need to copy the link of the Instagram post you wish to download, and our site will handle the rest of the process. In addition, you are just a single click away to download your desired pictures from Instagram.

Instagram Photo Download for Instagram:

It is a reliable and easy-to-utilize downloader for saving Instagram photos with their original resolution.

What is the Post Downloader for Instagram?

It is an online downloader that lets users download any photo from Instagram to any device, such as Android, iPhone, MAC, PC, and more. You need to copy and paste the post link, and it will automatically download that post image to your device storage.

Why do I need the Photo downloader for Instagram?

The first thing about this photo downloader is that it downloads the photos faster, saving time. You do not have to take screenshots of the Instagram posts photos. Moreover, it downloads the images with their full resolution.

Can I save videos using Instagram online downloader?

You can also use this Instagram photo downloader to download Instagram videos. Copy the video URL and paste it to the above toolbar to download high-quality content.

Is downloading Instagram Pictures safe?

Yes, it is fully safe to download photos with Instagram photo download as we do not save any content.

Is it legal to download Instagram images?

Yes, it is legal to download pictures from Instagram until you repost a photo without the owner's permission, keeping you within the copyright law.

How to download Instagram pictures on iOS?

It supports only iOS devices, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and higher. Follow these steps to download Insta images on your iPhone.

Step 1:

Open the Instagram app and choose a picture from your friends or others' posts that you like. Copy that image URL by tapping on the three dots.

Step 2:

Select your preferred browser on your iPhone to open the Instagram photo downloader and paste that link in the required field.

Step 3:

Once you have pasted the URL, click download to save this picture to your iPhone storage.

We have created all the tools to download the videos or pictures that you upload from your account. Furthermore, we have the right to stop providing our services when we find you use our tool to infringe on others' content and privacy. 


Do I have to pay to download photos using this Instagram photo download?

You do not need to pay anything to download Insta Photos as it is a free-to-use tool.

Is it necessary to log in to my account before downloading images from Instagram?

No, you can download photos without logging in to your Instagram account.

Does this website allow you to download photos to a computer?

Yes, you can download and install images to computers using this website.

Can I download images from a private Instagram account?

No, you can only download Instagram photos from public accounts.

Can I download images from Instagram on Android?

Yes, you can download Instagram photos on Android using this tool.

Where will my downloaded Instagram photos be saved?

Your downloaded Instagram photos will be saved in the download folder of your mobile or PC.