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Instagram Video Download - Amazing Tool Instagram Downloader:

It is a reliable tool created for downloading high-quality content from Instagram in a few seconds. Third-party websites like ours are an efficient way to download Instagram content.

Millions of people post videos and photos daily on Instagram, a famous application used globally. If you see some images or videos on Instagram and want to download them, you only need an Instagram video download.

This tool aims to help people download images or videos from their Instagram accounts. In addition, we have the right to stop providing our services if you take the content of others without their permission or infringe on others' privacy. You can read all the terms of service by clicking here. 

Instagram Video Downloader Features:

  • Download Instagram videos safely in seconds.
  • You can download Instagram content without logging into your account.
  • Save videos or photos without losing their quality and resolution.
  • Download videos or reels from the private accounts.
  • It saves or downloads all the photos or videos with the fastest speed.

How to download Instagram Video Download?

Note: You can only download an IG photo or video from an Instagram account, which has no privacy and shows its content to the public.

Step 1

First, copy the photo or video URL you want to download from Instagram.

Step 2

On Instagram Application:
You can click on Get Instagram picture URL on an iOS device, Copy the Instagram URL mentioned above to the post on an Android device, and then tap Copy share URL to save it to the clipboard.

Step 3

On the MAC and PC:
Go to Instagram, navigate to the video or photo date, and right-click on it. After that, hit the copy link address option to start downloading an Instagram video on your PC.

Step 4

Paste the copied URL into the required fields above and then press the download button to download it with its original resolution.

Instagram Video Download

The Instagram video download tool allows people to download their content from Instagram. You can download videos from specific posts and other Instagram videos using it.

Instagram Photo Downloader:

Instagram Photo Downloader lets you download any picture from Instagram posts without restriction. Using it, you can download not only a single image but several photos or collages as well.

Instagram Reels Download:

It helps you download Instagram reels or short videos easily. Using this Instagram reels downloader; you can download any reel to your mobile gallery.

IGTV Downloader:

IGTV videos are long; if you can not watch them, use our IGTV downloader to download them on your computer. By downloading IGTV videos, you can watch them whenever you want without connecting to the internet.

Instagram Story Download:

Many people share their pictures or videos on their stories on Instagram with their friends or followers. However, the Instagram app does not contain a feature that lets people download videos and stories of their friends or others. Therefore, we have created this amazing tool to help you to download your desired Instagram stories.



What is the purpose of Instagram Video Downloader?

Instagram Video Downloader is an online tool that lets people download videos, pictures, IGTV videos or reels from Instagram for free.

Do I need to log in to my Instagram account to download a video?

No, there is no need to log in to your Instagram account, as this tool will never ask you to log in or provide other information. You can easily download the content safely.

Is Instagram allowed to save videos directly?

You can not save videos directly from your feed or others' stories, as Instagram lacks this feature. Do not worry; we are here to help. You can follow the instructions by visiting our website to download these videos.

Is it free to use the Instagram video download service?

Yes, it is fully free to use the Instagram video download service.

Can I download content from an Instagram account that has set privacy to private?

Yes, it allows downloading content from a personal account.

Can I save Instagram stories?

Yes, you can save Instagram stories. To save a story, you have to click on the story to copy its link and then paste it into the above field to download.

Can I download Instagram content on my computer?

Yes, you can download Instagram content on your computer.

How Can I download an Instagram picture or video on Android?

You need to copy the link of an Instagram post that you want to download and paste it into the above-given box. For more details, you can check the Download from Instagram on Android.

How to download Instagram reels, videos or photos on iOS?

We have mentioned a detailed guide for downloading videos on iOS. You can click on this link to Download Instagram videos on iOS.

How to save Instagram video to the desired location?

You can fix this issue using the right click instead of the left. Choose your desired location and then hit save as button to save that video.

Where are the downloaded video saved?

The downloaded videos are usually saved in the downloads folder. If you select another folder for downloading a video, you can check it also.